Thursday, June 26, 2014

Julep's Pilé Wand

I've always loved nail polish. Dark, light, bright, crazy colors – all of it. I believe, at one point in my somewhat strange teenage years, I painted each of my toenails a different color of the rainbow. So chic, teenage Olivia. So chic.

And someone who has always named nail biting as one of my worst habits, having my nails painted not only helps me avoid this habit, but generally makes me feel more put together, stylish and attractive. And all of those are good things, right? I think so.

Unfortunately, me painting my nails with my left hand (which is inevitable, given that I am not ambidextrous and only painting one hand looks kind of weird) usually ends up looking like I was either somewhat intoxicated while doing so or mildly blind. That's never good.

Luckily, the amazing people at Julep have come up with a new nail polish wand (called the Pilé wand) that is SERIOUSLY cool – and helpful. It was designed to help with the problems that I usually have painting with my left hand, and fits in any of your other Julep nail polish bottles as well. Making it a great solution to any or all of your nail painting problems.

Julep has about a million new, beautiful colors to choose from and I really do think that this wand is going to be so helpful for girls like me who have a Sunday-night manicure tradition. Ultimately, it's going to be able to give us all that salon look in the comfort of our own homes, while watching Game of Thrones. I don't know about you guys, but everything about that sounds good to me.

Visit the Julep site to find more information about the amazing wand. And be sure to check out the video of Julep's CEO talking about the new product!

Below are some of my favorite Julep colors that you could use with the Pilé wand.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Céline Dreams

Sunglasses: Céline | Skirt: Topshop | Shirt: Loft | Shoes: Zara (old) 

I, like many girls, have a certain soft spot in my heart (and wallet) for certain designer items. Whether it's the name, the label, the gorgeousness of the item or simply the terrifying power of consumerism - there are some designer items and names that simply make my heart beat a little bit faster. Call me crazy (I know I am), but I've always wanted to own a pair of Céline sunglasses. Well, ok, the truth is what I've really always wanted a Céline bag, but....well, we're going to hold out for that purchase until I'm getting a big girl paycheck.

For my recent birthday (don't worry, I'm still accepting belated gifts), I got these beautiful Céline sunglasses and I'm not going to lie, they make me feel pretty darn fancy. And since when is that ever a bad thing? Truth be told, my parents and brother make fun of me because the sunglasses take up 75% of my face, but that's ok. Who said style was about showing what your face looked like? That's right; no one. 

I love the way sunglasses can take an outfit to the next level and I think these are the perfect pair of sunnies for my personality. The cat-eye shape is classic, but the oversized and exaggerated shape give them a modern and current edge. In a lot of ways, that's how I describe my style. I love classic shapes and silhouettes, but I also am a big fan of trends. What fashion blogger isn't, right?

It may be ridiculous to feel a little giddy over designer brands or labels, and style is CERTAINLY not about how expensive or high-end your clothes are (most of my closet is made up of Forever 21 and H&M, as you have seen), but I think there's something to be said for treating yourself to something that really makes you happy, and makes you feel really special to wear. Of course, this doesn't have to be a pair of designer sunglasses. It could be a handmade dress or your favorite thrifted purse. It doesn't matter. If it makes you feel good to wear it, then wear it and feel fabulous about wearing it! Simple as that.

PS: Have you followed me on Instagram yet? Do that. Now. I post photos of beautiful places and also just a lot of selfies. What? At least I'm honest.

Photos By: Ashleigh Munro

Hot and Bothered

Dress: Topshop | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Jacket: Thrifted | Bag: Madewell 

Welcome to Florida in the spring (AKA: it feels like summer and it REALLY hot).  Don't get me wrong; Florida can be beautiful. It's nice only having a few days a year of bitterly cold weather, and when it's 90 degrees and sunny, beautiful Florida beaches are the ideal spot. However, when you live in the middle of Florida and you really don't even have time to head out to the beach that often -- sometimes the heat can be more than a little abrasive. And by more than a little abrasive I mostly mean terrible and leaving me hot and bothered in the most literal way.

As someone who really likes to layer clothing (and who generally doesn't like the idea of being naked in public), Florida weather can sometimes be a problem. When every fiber of your being is screaming to either not being wearing clothes at all or to jump into the nearest body of water, wearing even one layer of clothing becomes uncomfortable.  Even my beloved leather skirts become a problem around the end of April. 

Luckily for me, one thing that will always be appropriate for warmer months in Florida are loose, short summer sundresses. I actually bought this dress in the fall in NYC at Topshop (are you noticing a pattern with the stores I shop at?) and immediately loved its versatility and comfiness. I've worn it in the fall and winter with thigh high boots and am able to wear it now with my little Jeffrey Campbell cut-out booties (another favorite of mine). I plan on wearing it with some cute sandals (gladiators, perhaps?) in the summer, too. 

Even if overtly feminine pieces aren't your thing, it's easy to work floral pieces into your own personal style. I love the idea of pairing a darker floral dress with a leather jacket and some boots, or rocking a floor-length, breezy floral dress in a boho ensemble. The possibilities are endless, and that's always a good thing -- no matter what the temperature is outside. 

PS: My favorite Starbucks in town is by far the one that these photos are taken at. Head to the downtown Gainesville Starbucks and get some unsweetened iced green tea if, ya know, want to be just like me. 

Photos By: Ashleigh Munro

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Shirt: Topshop | Skirt: Topshop | Earrings: Loren Hope Designs | Shoes: Converse | Clutch: Forever 21 | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Sunglasses: Topshop

These photos are from a while ago, but because I'm feeling especially productive this week, I'm finally getting around to posting them. Go me. It's the little victories, people. 

So I really love T-shirts. I just do. They're comfortable, they're versatile and you can always add a clever slogan to the front of one if you're feeling witty. I bought this shirt on a whim on one of my many trips to Topshop (that place is my personal idea of heaven). I often pair it with leggings and Converse if I'm feeling casual (read: lazy), or tucked into a high-waisted skirt if I want to dress it up. Plus, it just tells people that I'm a geek, saving the awkward "oh, you don't obsessively watch Game of Thrones too?" conversation. 

Either way, I like this T-Shirt. It's hard to find basic, staple pieces that are also unique and fit your personality well. Plus, when people think of staple pieces, they are usually thinking of jeans and, as we all know, there is nothing I dislike more than jeans (because none of them are ever long enough for me). Graphic T-shirts such as this one are such an easy piece to build an outfit off of, because they go with anything while still remaining fun. There's nothing worse than wearing something in an outfit that just gets forgotten. You want everything to look good, right? That's not too much to ask. 

On another note, I'm wearing my Converse a little too much, people. Any advice on a new shoe that goes with everything, is comfortable and trendy (but, ya know, not too trendy)? Help a sister out. 

Also, I feel like I should mention that my ears have NEVER looked better than they do in these photos. Gotta love a statement earring and Loren Hope Designs

And a big, BIG thank you to Meaghan of M Photography for these photos! Always inspiring to work with creative and talented people.  

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Uniquely You For Modcloth

I was lucky enough to recently be given the chance to join other bloggers in creating a storyboard based around a wonderful piece from ModCloth. I styled this lovely Esther Williams Beach Blanket Bingo bathing suit with other awesome ModCloth pieces via Wanelo. I chose some other lovely vintage-inspired pieces that can be purchased on ModCloth and created a story board for the look.

I love outfits (especially beach attire) that channel vintage and retro vibes, and I think that a black, white and red color scheme is almost always flattering and stylish. I loved adding the wedges to add the perfect hint of femininity to the look. I think the overtly retro high-waisted shorts are the perfect complement to the high-waisted suit, and adding a modern graphic T-shirt pulls everything together and balances the look out - making it the perfect mix of trendy and vintage. 

Realistically speaking, I'm actually tempted to just go buy all of these pieces for myself ASAP, but I digress...

Also, I own this exact swimsuit in red (I bought it years and years ago) and it has been one of my very favorite purchases. I always feel so confident and ready to take on the world which, let's face it, is a pretty important feeling to have when headed to the beach or pool. 

Here's a closer look at some of the pieces: 

Visit my Uniquely You ModCloth Wanelo story board for links to all of these wonderful items! 

Friday, March 21, 2014

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Top: Loft | Skirt: Topshop | Shoes: Zara (old) | Jacket: Tobi | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Rings: Charlotte Russe | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Lipstick: Bite Lip Crayon in Grape

I love this outfit because it combines basically all of my favorite things in life (except for pizza) (that would be weird). Midi skirts are my most recent obsession, as you all already know. I firmly believe that leather jackets look good with everything. Studded, impractical shoes are what I live for. Bright lipstick is my go-to choice for any occasion.  Embellished collars are basically a necessity. Annnnnd, I could go on. Well, I probably will go on. Because this is my blog. And I can. 

To state the obvious, I should have ironed this shirt. But the truth is that I actually have never ironed anything successfully and usually just run the shower on full-heat and hang things in the bathroom, hoping for the best, when my shirts are wrinkled. Adulthood, is that you calling? But I digress.

Time for some real talk (do people actually say that?). Lately, I've been worried that my outfits are too trendy. I suppose that's a silly thing for a fashion blogger to worry about, but sometimes I feel like even though my outfits are wildly different than most of those around me, I'm still just buying into this culture of ever-changing trends and "must-haves" and everything else that goes into fashion, trying to convince myself that I'm unique when, in reality, I'm just trying to fit into another niché - a niché with jacket capes and ridiculous shoes and harem pants. 

But I guess that's just it, right? That's the nature of fashion. You wear what makes you happy and you look utterly ridiculous sometimes, but it's creative. It's fun. I suppose putting together an outfit is the same as any other type of art. Sometimes the idea of it is lasting, and sometimes it's not.

No, I may not like what I'm wearing in a year, but that's ok. I don't even iron my clothes; I can't be expected to plan that far ahead, right? 

Photos By: Annelies Schweitzer

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hidden Gems

Top: H&M Collection (old) | Skirt: Topshop | Rings: Charlotte Russe | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Shoes: Converse 

One of the great joys in life is finding something in the dark depths of your closet that you forgot you owned. While, often, this item turns out to be a bedazzled figure skating costume that you wore  when you were that really cool 10-year-old ice dancing to Avril Lavinge's "Complicated" (true story), sometimes it turns out to be something so much better (although admittedly less sparkly). The other day I went shopping with my lovely friend Aisha and had no idea what to wear.

It was one of those days when everything you try on just seems wrong. Nothing was fitting right or going well with the other items I wanted to wear. I was depressed and contemplating a complete closet overhaul (and a diet) when I found this H&M Collection gem in the back of my closet. I bought it when I was living in the Netherlands and haven't worn it since. And there I had it, a whole new outfit!

While some have called it the "Catholic school girl" shirt, I happen to love the two-tone combination of the green and white, and I just find something about a high collar really great. Naturally, I paired the top with my go-to Topshop leather skirt and threw up some Converse to finish off the look.

Oh, also, these new rings? Charlotte Russe. 10 rings for 10 dollars. Sometimes you have to go into stores you don't usually shop at to find the hidden deals! 

Photos By: Aisha Hatter